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I have been teasing you all on FB with a big announcement coming soon. I know you have all been curious as to what the big announcement could be! Let me start from the beginning….

Once upon a time….

there was a lady. She loved taking photographs. She would photograph all the things that made her happy. Before long, many of her wonderful friends and family started asking her to take their photographs. So she did. And she loved that too. 

With the support of her friends and family she ventured into the land of self employment by becoming an official photographer! She worked hard over the next 3 years to try and create the business and fulfillment that her heart desired. She photographer EVERYTHING! From newborns, to weddings, to boudoir, to families! 

Although she enjoyed all of the new people she got the chance to meet and photograph, something just wasn’t right. Something was disconnected. So she pondering and wondered, what WAS missing? The answer was this….

(here comes the big announcement!!!!)

Maybe she didn’t have to photograph everything? Could she find the happiness she’d been looking for by only photographing the things that made her happy? So what makes her happy?

(ok for real this time…here is comes!!!!)

BMP will only be photographing Maternity, Newborns, 1 year sessions, and Families!!

BMP will no longer be working with weddings, engagements, child only sessions, or boudoir. Not that I haven’t enjoyed these sessions in the past but in order for my company to become successful, I must give myself the opportunity to focus my talents where they are best utilized. 

I would love the opportunity to grow with your family! From your maternity session, to your newborn session, through the years of family photos, I want to be there for you!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years and I hope to continue working with you in some way! The last 3 years have been such a learning experience and I hope to grow my business over the next 3 years to be more than I ever dreamed!

Laura and Michael!

Happy 1 year Anniversary to you both!! I love when couples take the time to celebrate their anniversaries with photos!! What a better way to capture your relationship! Working with Laura and Michael was a complete joy! They were up for anything and made my workday, FUN! Thanks for a great session! Can’t wait to work with you guys again!

Lauren and Steven!

This was a really fun session for me! Lauren was one of the contenders in the Free Session Giveaway! She came in 2nd but I was so happy to still have the opportunity to work with her!

Lauren, Steven, and I all worked together many years ago at Famous Daves BBQ! We go way back and it was really nice to see them and hang out! Lauren and Steven were engaged almost 1 year ago and are excited about their future together! Thank you for allowing me the chance to capture so sweet, engagement photos for you!!

The Vega’s!!

This family is awesome!! I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to meet them! For all of my fans out there, you are sure to see this family a lot more over the next year, as they have booked 4 sessions to capture the memories of Caleb’s next year of life! This first session is all about Caleb and his turning 10 mos. old! He is adorable and next time I’m gonna get more smiles out of him! 

Take a look at their session and leave them some love! :)

Little Olivia!

Bringing a newborn girl into the studio this last month was so great!! I enjoyed snuggling and posing this precious little one! I was so happy when Adam and Ashley chose to let me photograph their first baby! Thanks again you guys for a sweet session!

Peter and Sheryl’s Wedding!

It was a true honor to photograph this couples wedding! Peter is my husbands boss so there was no pressure AT ALL! LOL! I was very nervous for this wedding but was put at ease instantly by Peter and Sheryl. Their fun, loving energy made my job fun and easy! Congratulations to you both! I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 

Lennox turns 1!

Little Lennox is my beautiful “niece”! (My friend’s daughter who I LOVE and who knows me as Auntie!) This girl is a perfect little model and I just adore her! It’s amazing to me how fast her first year has flown by! Thank you Land Family for allowing me to be apart of documenting her first year! 

Welcome to the world Carter!

I was so excited when my brother in law announced they would soon have a little boy!! He would be my only nephew and I couldn’t wait for him to arrive! He is sweet, adorable, and SO ALERT! LOL! He definitely made me and momma work for these photos but I’m so glad we were able to capture him in his first few days of life! Thank you too, to big sister Bre! She was a huge help! :)

Anniston turns 1!

I am so lucky to have met little Anniston and her wonderful mommy! They are truly a caring and sweet family and I hope to work with them much more as the years go by! Check out this session, where I was able to capture the memories of Anniston at 1 years old! :)

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